Cataract Evaluation

Cataract Evaluation

What is a cataract?
A cataract is a cloudy or opaque area in the normally clear lens of the eye.
Depending upon its size and location, it can interfere with normal vison. Cataracts typically develop in both eyes, but one is usually worse than the other.

Who gets cataracts?
Most cataracts develop in people over 55, but they occasionally occur in infants, young children or individuals with eye injury or trauma.

What are the signs/symptoms of cataracts?
Cataracts generally form very slowly. Signs and symptoms may include blurred, hazy or double vison, reduced intensity of colors, increased sensuosity to glare from lights, particularly when driving at night, increased difficulty seeing at night, changes in the eye’s refractive error or eyeglass prescription.
Changes in vision can be very gradual. Some people may not initially recognize the visual changes. However, as cataracts worsen, vision symptoms tend to increase in severity.

How are cataracts diagnosed?
Cataracts can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination by a doctor of optometry.

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