We get that glasses aren't for everyone. It's why we offer a full range of soft and hard contact lens products, including options for astigmatism and bifocal prescriptions.

We also provide a comprehensive one-on-one contact lens program to ensure your contacts are the perfect fit for you. Learn more about it below!


Time to reorder your contact lenses? 


Lens Types

Soft Contacts

Comfortable and easy to adjust, soft contact lenses are made with a flexible plastic combined with water. This allows oxygen to pass into your cornea, increasing comfort while maintaining eye health.

Hard Contacts

Extremely durable and easy to care for, handle, and wear, hard contact lenses do not dehydrate and easily retain their shape. This offers you the option of consistently clear and focused vision.

Scleral Lenses

Designed to treat a number of medical conditions, scleral contact lenses create a tear-filled reservoir over the cornea, which creates an exceptionally comfortable fit. 

Specialty Lenses

Dakota Vision Center carries many more types of specialty and color-enhancing contact lenses

If you're not sure which is right for you, that's okay! Our expert team will help you find the right fit for work, play, and life. 

Contact Lens Evaluation

During your contact lens evaluation, your on-site doctor will prescribe a diagnostic lens and instruct you on contact lens insertion, removal, care, and cleaning. At this time, you will also be able to try on your new contacts to ensure they're the right fit.

Our contact lens evaluation program also includes follow-up care with a certified optometrist for 90 days to ensure that your contacts are working for you.

Also, be sure to ask us how you can qualify for a free five-day trial of one-day lenses when you contact us or stop into one of our offices.

Get Your Contacts... And More

In addition to contacts, our expansive showrooms also feature a wide selection of frameslenses, sunglasses, and accessories for the whole family. Simply stop in to either of our convenient locations or make an appointment with an eye care specialist today.

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