Eye Examinations

We offer comprehensive eye exams for the entire family — and we're invested in making sure every patient feels comfortable, safe, and cared for during the process.

At Dakota Vision Center, we believe in a thorough ocular exam and have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to care for the entire eye. So in addition to the usual vision evaluation, you'll also learn about the health of your corneas, your propensity for macular degeneration, and much more.

You can make an appointment with an eye care specialist or contact our friendly and knowledgable optical staff today.


Your Eye Health Evaluation

From pediatric exams, which ensure proper eye and vision development, to ongoing medical eye care and vision therapy, Dakota Vision Center has a plan that's right for you. Annual eye health examinations are important for all ages, because many eye diseases and vision changes can occur without warning signs.


Schedule Your Eye Exam Today!

In addition to ocular exams, Dakota Vision Center offers an entire spectrum of eye care services, including medical eye care, contact lens evaluations, specialty contact lenses, pediatric and InfantSEE exams, and vision therapy for the whole family. Simply stop in to either of our convenient locations or make an appointment with an eye care specialist today.

Have questions? Contact our friendly and knowledgable optical staff.