Pediatric & InfantSEE Exams

We are proud to have a major focus in pediatric eye health and vision assessment. Our pediatric and InfantSEE exams are crucial steps in making sure your child is learning to see properly, from infancy to adolescence.

Both Dr. Jeffrey Oakland and Dr. Joel Quist are trained to perform InfantSEE exams, and Dr. Oakland is one of the area’s only resident-trained pediatric optometrists. You can make an appointment with an eye care specialist or contact our friendly and knowledgable optical staff today.


InfantSEE Exams

Cooing, sitting up, and crawling are all signs that your baby is growing. But your baby’s vision goes through important developmental stages as well. And because eye problems can occur without noticeable symptoms, it's important to test your baby's eye health early.

Dakota Vision Center is proud to administer InfantSEE examinations. InfantSEE is a program that provides a one-time, no cost eye and vision assessment for babies six to twelve months old.


Pediatric Eye Health & Exams

We recommend that your child have ocular exams before one year old, between two to three years old, and then annually. Our highly trained optical staff use specialized pediatric tests and equipment to achieve reliable measurements for your child.

But Dakota Vision Center does more than check for 20/20 vision. Our optometrists do a comprehensive evaluation of eye health, assess how your child sees at distance and near, and evaluate the visual skills your child needs for learning, sports, and daily life.


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In addition to pediatric and InfantSEE exams, Dakota Vision Center offers an entire spectrum of eye care services, including eye examinationsmedical eye care, contact lens evaluations, specialty contact lenses, and vision therapy for the whole family. Simply stop in to either of our convenient locations or make an appointment with an eye care specialist today.

Have questions? Contact our friendly and knowledgable optical staff.